PennSound Page archived selection of my readings
Berl’s Poetry Bookstore reading with Karen Weiser and Wendy S. Walters
The Conversant mutual interview with Andrea Rexilius
The Last Word talking with Dorothea Lasky & Cynthia Arrieu-King
Talk on recorded audio at Counterpath in Denver (4/11/14)
[Many additional audio recordings are available in Readings & News]

Rabbit Light Movies reading the poem “The To Sound”
Pete’s Candy Store reading from Tuned Droves
Dorothea Lasky’s Tiny Tour (Closet) reading from Tuned Droves
CAConrad’s Jupiter88 reading from The Tranquilized Tongue
Counterpath reading from Scared Text & The Tranquilized Tongue
Counterpath reading the poem “Mute Casting”