Essays for Poetry Foundation:
*Communicasick: Poetry Inside Aphasia

*My Vocabulary Did This: Propagation Poetics

*The Stories in a Sound: Sonic Cues for Visionary Landscapes

*How to Become a Hum: An Elongated Note on Drone

NOTES ON PENNSOUND commentaries published in Jacket2

Description of Commentaries:
“During my time as a guest commentator on files from the PennSound archive I will be creating playlists, segmenting and presenting individual pieces drawn from longer recordings, and pointing to resources that might otherwise be overlooked in such a large collection. I am particularly interested in exploring some of the informal criticism documented within recorded introductions, interviews, and comments delivered between poems and performances. Occasionally I will link to additional material from other online audio collections. There will also be a small amount of new content presented on Jacket2 for the first time.

I will annotate and introduce recordings while attempting to create some generative juxtapositions. By placing recordings next to one another I don’t necessarily mean to suggest influence or affiliation, though several of the writers whose work I will discuss are in conversation with one another. Rather than always writing discrete, thematically coherent posts, I will often develop multiple threads across several entries. Although much of what I will be doing is focusing on very specific, charged moments from the various collections, I also want to pay attention to longer, unwieldy, ambient, noisy, eroded, and/or incomplete recordings that might resist quick browsing-style listening approaches.”

Sonic thresholds: Transitions and transformations March 31, 2011
“This post presents recordings from the PennSound archive that explore the continuum between language, music, and other types of sound.”

Dear PennSound: Listening to letters April 7, 2011
“This post explores the ways the tracks expanded, derailed, parodied, critiqued, or otherwise complicated the idea of intimate address.”

Hearing spaces: Ambience and audience April 25, 2011
“This post discusses the physical, digital, and in-between spaces audio recordings document and inhabit. The playlist samples some combinations of various recording environments, attending to often overlooked aspects such as tape hiss and telephone distortion, as well as considering sonic contexts like the classroom and direct-to-digital readings.”

“Back of”: Index, bibliography, catalog, list May 9, 2011
“This post explores the poem as index, bibliography, catalog, or otherwise arranged list. I want to consider the ways each piece overflows, suggesting threads that the listener might follow or complicating the idea of order under the guise of an ordering structure.”

What is a question? May 23, 2011
“This playlist is comprised of recordings related to questions. Bhanu Kapil, in her recent post on Harriet, Notes on Mutation, asks: “What is a question? How do questions work in your writing? What do they perform? What happens when you ask them?” Today’s commentary might be considered an appendix to Kapil’s post, paying particular attention to the relationship between composition strategies, recording technology, and public performance.”

Plus this: Additions, updates, & singles June 3, 2011
“Discussion of recordings related to my earlier commentaries.”

Complete works June 20, 2011
“This post includes recordings of authors reading the entirety of a book or chapbook. I find that longer recordings allow me to become immersed in the textures of the work, to register the ambient sonic environment, and to perceive other small shifts and variations within and between pieces.”

Crosswalks & intersections July 16, 2011
“These recordings temporarily create spaces for the listener to experience the interplay of phenomena, a listening-feeling that acknowledges complexity and flux but doesn’t make one feel a sensory overload.”

Arthur Echoes August 8, 2011
“This post presents recordings inspired by the life and work of the musician and composer Arthur Russell.”

Unraveling Readings September 30, 2011
“My final commentary focuses on writers reading the work of other writers. I was interested in recordings that did more than simply pay homage or celebrate an influence. The experience of listening to the following recordings was often one of hearing some aspect of the text come loose through the reader’s voice instead of hearing the text being inscribed into a fixed state.”

Talks & Misc. Writings
*Trajectories of the Prose Poem craft seminar presented to MFA students in Regis University’s Winter 2017 MFA residency
*Poetic Correspondence: The Epistolary Impulse craft seminar presented to MFA students in Regis University’s Winter 2016 MFA residency
*Granular Vocabularies: Poetics & Recorded Sound, a lecture presented to MFA students in Naropa University’s 2013 Summer Writing Program
*Teaching with online audio archives, a transcript & MP3 recording of my talk presented at the 2010 AWP conference
*Poetry Society of America feature on HR Hegnauer’s book, Sir.
*Notes on Barbara Guest’s poem “Saving Tallow” via Lost Roads press.
*Coldfront “Song of the Week” response to Eliane Radigue
*To the Sound, my blog about poetry audio recordings

Joe Milazzo, Of All Places In This Place Of All Places (Spuyten Duyvil, 2018)
Kirstin Kaschock, Confessional Sci-Fi: A Primer (Subito Press, 2017)
Khadijah Queen, Non-Sequitur (Litmus Press, 2015)
Lesley Yalen, The Hearts of Vikings (Natural History Press, 2015)
C Dylan Bassett The Invention of Monsters (Plays Inverse Press, 2015)
Rebecca Farivar, Full Meal (Boaat Press, 2014)
Joseph Aguilar, Half Out Where (Caketrain Books, 2014)
erica lewis, murmur in the inventory (Shearsman Books, 2013)
Kristina Marie Darling, Palimpsest (Patasola Press, 2013)
Richard Froude, The Passenger (Skylight Press, 2012)
Ryan Eckes, Old News (Furniture Press, 2011)
Stan Mir, The Lacustrine Suite (Pavement Saw Press, 2011)
Laura Solomon, Blue and Red Things (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2007)